Monthly Budget – February Update


Housing 4128.28
Food 386.75
Utilities 654.73
Discretionary 1210.49
Transportation 351.48
Clothing 149.69
Medical & Health 230.2
Savings 3010.91
Total Expenses  $10,122.53

February month was a good month.  We reduced the mortgage principle by paying extra of $1,427.95.  That bring our mortgage balance down to $455,500.  That’s a huge mortgage balance.  But we are intent to follow our goal of paying it down in 15 years or less.

We filed our taxes and received about $3,600.  We saved most of that towards our daughter’s private tuition due in the summer for next school year.

Once again, our taxable savings is phenomenal!

The breakdown looks like this:

Vanguard VWENX 400
Saving 0 2009.09
529 Plan 100
ROTH Vanguard 440
Acorns 61.82
Total Savings 3010.91

We used Personal Capital to track our finances for free. We received a tax refund, as Other income. We also rebalanced and reinvested into other asset class with my wife’s retirement account as Investment Income.

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