Buying a car can be a Hassle Free!

For years we needed a third car. We have been driving an old used car with a lot of mileage, and I hate it. It gets me where I need to go, but I’m tired of fixing leaks and broken parts all the time. It’s annoying that I have to take it to the mechanic every time. We end up with only one good car which my wife and I share together. Even when the repairs take care of everything, I know in a week or two it just ends up going back to the shop.

I have finally decided that I am not going to do it anymore. We’ve decided to buy a new car! Fortunately, I have been researching Nissan Sentra for quite sometimes. Sure, it’s slow car but who cares. I only need this car to commute and to give me great mileage. I don’t want something fast that eat too much gas. I kept asking myself, do I want something stylish? Do I want something big? Something economical? Each time I think those things, all I see is a dollar sign flashing in front of my eyes. Finally, my wife and I decided to stay economical. We did!

After I had done some more research online, I knew that I would need some expert advice. Eventually, we went to a local dealership to check out some new models and discussed the quote I received. We talked to the salesman, and we listened to him carefully. He was honest and treated with professionalism were impressive. He had a lot of very helpful suggestions and showed us some nice features like Bluetooth and push-started button.

After a lengthy discussion, we finally decided which model and color. I was expecting this purchase to be a serious hassle, but the experience was almost painless. Everything went smoothly, and now I have a brand new car!

It would be unfortunate if we got a ticket the moment we drove off the lot. So we drove it very slowly with big smiles on our face 🙂


2016 Nissan Sentra SV


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