Welcome to my website Mo-Moneyman!

I spent a lot of reading other people’s blog.  I figured the amount of time/money spent reading someone’s else blog, commenting, or going to my Facebook account, I thought “why not just have your own website?”  Finally, I decided to build one.   First, I’m not a web developer, a programmer, not even a writer.  I’m just a regular guy with a regular full-time job.  I’m learning how to build this site along the way.  (So if you are reading this and know how to improve this site, please let me know:-))

I spent a lot of reading into personal finance for years, but I don’t read book much (not since college), not because I don’t like it, it’s just I don’t have a time.  Whenever I pick up a book, it remains on the table unread for months even years.   Until few years ago, I started listening to podcast lke radiolab, snap judgement, Dave Ramsey, affordanything, etc., it got me hooked in listening to people financial problem and advice.  I’m the perfect example of people who have made mistakes. After that I’m more open to suggestions how to improve our own finances.  Perhaps I also can share them here.

After all, my background is in finance, both corporate and public sector.  I sold Term Life insurance in college, while working two other jobs (pizza delivery and student assistant).  Back then life was simple with minimum living expenses.

As I started working full time, life is full of distraction, I went through personal relationship breakups, layoff, events in my life–and mistakes.  Each of those events and mistakes, I try to learn from.  And I guess, my goal in starting this website is to chronicle those events, mistakes, and goals we are trying to achieve.  If you are ready this, hopefully I can be an inspiration to your life and help you along the way improving your personal finance.  Let’s get started.


“Debt is bad because it restricts your freedom.”

The biggest fight you will have is debt. Avoid it as much as possible.

Our goal is to grow our investment to 1 million by age 55. I will be updating and be tracking our monthly budget.

1st Qtr of 2017 stock market has been good so far:) Will it continue? That the 64 million dollar question. But I will take the gain of $19K+ for now. The gain is solidly on track making another double-digit return like 2016.

2017 Investments Cash Gain/Loss Total
Jan $440,257.70 $41,570.93 $- $481,828.63
Feb $453,353.72 $33,181.16 $4,706.25 $486,534.88
Mar $468,830.13 $33,132.86 $15,428.11 $501,962.99
Apr $-
May $-
June $-
July $-
Aug $-
Sept $-
Oct $-
Nov $-
Dec $-